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"Rethinking Health Care Ethics"

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stephen scher

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My book, Rethinking Health Care Ethics—co-authored with Kasia Kozlowska, a child/adolescent psychiatrist from the University of Sydney—has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan. We have made it available open access, as a free download, in order to reach a broad audience of health professionals, not just bioethicists. In the book, we present a psychologically grounded approach to clinical ethics that is oriented specifically toward students/trainees, teachers, and clinicians, with a particular emphasis on learning and teaching. I hope you will download the book, take a look, and also forward the link to others who may be interested (individuals but also groups).

Here is a link to the free download:

The book will also be available on a print-on-demand basis (low cost; free shipping) sometime around the end of August. You can use the above link for that purpose, too. Note that if you want a print copy, order it from Springer (above link). No online bookseller will be any cheaper (many will be more expensive), and the publisher provides free worldwide shipping.

Camille Nebeker

Posts: 56

Thanks, Stephen - wonderful work and so great that it is open access! We have re-tweeted your announcement via John Torous. Would you like to present at an upcoming CORE webinar? Connect with me at if you'd like to discuss. You can access our prior webinars here:

Best, Camille

Sara Meeder

Posts: 27

Thanks! Will share with my institution's bioethics committee.

stephen scher

Posts: 2

Great idea. Thanks. I hope others can do the same.

Catherine Mitchell

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posted in reply to stephen scher

I have read your book and I must say that you have done a great job making it free download. I really loved your book and its content.