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This project proposes to use mobile devices to develop new tools for pediatric obesity prevention and treatment. We propose to interface the ability of existing wearable wireless sensor devices to precisely monitor behavior, aspects of metabolism and geographical location with mobile phones to collect, store and transmit data to a secure web interface where health data will be analyzed, translated and displayed for participating health practitioners. More specifically, we will use off the shelf wearable wireless sensors to measure physical activity, blood pressure, sleep, heart rate, galvanic skin response and blood glucose levels and communicate the measured information to a mobile phone using a wireless interface. We will combine the external sensor data with the mobile phone’s in-built sensors, in particular Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS), accelerometer, audio and video tags. This will deliver a record of behavior and health data that is timestamped, synchronized, and geographically localized using GPS to a secure server. Data will then be analyzed and displayed to participating health professionals to provide them with readily interpretable records of continuously monitored energy expenditure, recorded and synchronized with other essential biological, behavioral and geographical data.

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