DIY Self-Experimentation Study Protocol

wearable sensor IRB behavioral health
Inclusion Criteria: - Men & Women ages 18 years and older - Able to understand English sufficiently to provide informed consent - Willing to wear a monitoring device (ie. a Jawbone UP MOVE) - Currently uses a smartphone (Android or iPhone mobile) - Willing to allow devices to be placed in their home - Currently has an Internet connection at home - Willing to complete all assessments - Willing to learn basic technology usage skills Exclusion Criteria: - Travel plans over the following 7 weeks - Pregnant women - Have a diagnosed seizure disorder - Have an unmanaged sleep disorder other than insomnia, previously diagnosed not currently being treated (nightmares associated with PTSD are deemed acceptable) -Have unmanaged sleep apnea -Actively engaged or have plans to engage in a physical activity, sedentary behavior, sleep, or diet behavior change program in the next 7 weeks

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