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SenseCam use in behavioral studies

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Camille Nebeker

Posts: 56

If you have used a SenseCam in your research, please share a description of the risks and risk management strategies that the IRB found acceptable.

Lindsay Dillon

Posts: 5

SenseCam Risks approved by the IRB:

  1. Physical risks include a chance of physical injury if the SenseCam bruises the participant as a result of an incidental fall or from any physical discomfort from wearing the SenseCam
  2. Psychological risks include embarrassment or anxiety over the type of images being captured about daily life.
  3. Social or economic risks include a possibility of being teased or ridiculed by peers for wearing the devices or being socially excluded; or as a result of a breach of confidentiality of personally identifiable data.
  4. Economic or legal risks include researchers finding out that a participant has engaged in an illegal behavior (e.g., shoplifting, grievous bodily harm) from the image capture.