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Marta Jankowska

Posts: 3

I will be soon embarking on a research project that utilizes SenseCam technology (person worn cameras). The participants in the study will be crossing the border regularly. What are steps I should take to ensure that they do not get into trouble utilizing the technology while engaging in border crossing?

Rubi Linares-Orozco

Posts: 33

Hi Marta,

In response to your question about Sensecam while in transit across the Border.
Several Issues to consider:
1) There have been cases where individuals who captured images at the border were asked to delete them or have their device destroyed. While these have been challenged, no official ruling has been determined. Ultimately it appears that Homeland Security has a lot of freedom to search and seize devices (telephones, cameras, laptops) of those trying to leave and enter the country. Please keep this in mind, as devices that are seized are usually taken for further investigation, therefore your data may not be secured.

2) Depending on which country you are entering, you should investigate the countries laws and ensure that images captured are not breaking any laws that may place your subject in harms way.

3) Like all other Sensecam research studies, the issue of privacy, mandated reporting, and capturing images of bystanders/non-participants, (especially those holding federal positions) maybe problematic. Having detailed procedures in your research protocol/study design on how these circumstances will either be appropriately handled or not captured, and clear instructions to your research subject on what to do in these situations.