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Camille Nebeker

Posts: 56

Are there podcasts or blogs on social media use in research that speak to IRB issues?

Nolan O'Brien

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Thanks for posting this question - I have wondered about this as well.

I haven't seen many that discuss the use of social media in research. Most of what I've seen has been commentaries in response to current events where IRBs and social media intersect. But these types of blogs (or more commonly, individual blog posts) seem to be mostly reactionary rather than actually exploring social media and IRBs in the abstract sense. There are, however, two IRB/ethics-related blogs that I follow and would recommend to anyone with applied interests in IRBs:

The first is, by Zachary Schrag. As with most blogs discussing IRB issues, it is more an analysis of current legislation and news-worthy IRB issues that crop up from time to time. It is worth noting that Schrag writes from a historical/sociological perspective - so while its not necessarily prescriptive, its a valuable perspective, in my opinion... as it gives these issues important historical and social context (perhaps useful to IRB researchers in this sense). He wrote about Facebook's 'data mining' and more recently about FB's manipulation of users' newsfeeds. I also recall an earlier post where he discussd the professor who claimed his problematic Twitter comments were part of a research project that was exempt from IRB review and legal recourse. If/when social media and IRBs makes headlines in future, Schrag will likely weigh in.

Secondly, I really like by Udo Schuklenk. As it is a bioethics blog, it isn't always directly concerned with IRBs. However, its more philosophically attuned to providing ethical analysis. The specific interaction of IRBs and use of social media in research would be less prevalent within Schuklenk's posts - but when he does comment he gets straight to the point of why he thinks something is (or isn't) ethical... which might be useful to IRB members/administrators or researchers applying for ethical approval. Also, its worth noting that Schuklenk's blog is often topically focused on Canadian bioethics... which doesn't necessarily impact the ethical analysis, but it does influence the topics being discussed.

As far as podcasts, I'd be very interested in hearing if anyone had any suggestions... might help the daily commute not feel like wasted time!


Camille Nebeker

Posts: 56
posted in reply to nolan o'brien

Thanks, Nolan! Great info and our CORE Team appreciates your recommendations! The Wash U/PRIM&R podcasts are very informative. Here's a link to a list that may be relevant:

Hope you are doing well and hope to see you at the November PRIM&R meeting. Cheers!


Erik Williams

Posts: 1

The 'More than Meets the IRB' podcast is really well done and has a few eppisodes on social media research:

There are also a few other IRB blogs that might have material:

Martin Letendre

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Dear all,

May I recommend Veritas IRB's blog

The blog covered several issues pertinent to both US and Canadian researchers and IRB professionals. Some of the posts did cover mHealth. New postings are available more or less every 2 weeks.

Kind regards,