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Community-developed consensus template language for data sharing permission

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Rick Gilmore

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Hi, all.

As described in a previous post, Gustav Nilsonne and I presented a talk at the Society for Improving Psychological Science (SIPS) meeting earlier this week. See

In response to questions that arose in our presentation, we have embarked on an effort to develop, with broad community input, a set of consensus documents that help researchers secure permission to share data. Our work builds on resources and language from ICPSR, the Open Brain consent project, Databrary, and others. You can view the draft documents here: One of them focuses on template sharing permission language (; another focuses on describing different models for gaining permission to share (; and a third focuses on the specifics of different data sharing outlets (

We are trying to come up with standard language that fits scenarios specific to different types of data, so comments about different data types, and even better, sample language are welcomed.

Again, this is focused on creating a set of template documents for seeking permission to share data (publicly or in a restricted way). If you have suggestions, thoughts, resources, or want to be actively involved, please let me know.


Camille Nebeker

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posted in reply to rick gilmore

Rick - This is very important work that you are taking on. Thank you and please reach out to the CORE Network for their insights. We can distribute a survey to our Network members or, let them know about you via one of our "not yet routine" eBlasts.


Sara Meeder

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This is great! Thanks for making it available.